5 FPV Drone Racing Tips You Can’t Live Without

Free And Simple Ways To Supercharge Your Racing Skills

These are 5 simple and no-cost ways to improve your FPV drone racing skills.  Remember in racing, you’re really competing against yourself so challenge yourself to get incrementally better each practice until you become a racing boss!

  1. Control Settings: For better response through turns, increase transmitter expo setting on aileron and elevator to 45, and lower stick scaling to 20 on your flight controller.
  2. Quit using controller flying aids like Addie mode & self-level.  Learn to fly in Rate mode only.
  3. Keep applying forward elevator pressure through turns.  Train yourself to do this, even though it seems counter-intuitive at first.
  4. Time your runs – use your transmitter to make it easy.  You can’t measure your progress without doing this, and you’ll probably give up!
  5. Look far ahead of where you’re racing.  Train your eye to focus where you want to go, and use peripheral vision to guide you through obstacles.

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Thanks to Captain Gregg for this video – check out more racing tips on his FPV Tree Racers you tube channel

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