Adam Savage’s Handy Quadcopter Accessories

See What This Clever Mythbuster Has Been Up To

Adam Savage – the legendary Mythbuster, is obsessed with his quadcopter.  In this video, he’s gushing with creativity by showing some clever improvements to enhance his flight experience.

Adam runs a DJI Inspire 1 quadcopter, rigged for a 2 man set-up (one pilot, one camera operator).  Even if you don’t have such an expensive set-up, there are some great DIY ideas you can take away from this video.

He runs down his take on the following (#8 is the coolest):

  1. Custom set-up Table
  2. ipad Sun Visor
  3. Flight Log
  4. Startup Checklist
  5. Custom Case for Small Parts
  6. Painted Propeller Locks
  7. Gang Charger for (3 batteries & 2 controllers)
  8. EVF Chest Harness – to frame precise camera shots in real time

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