The Worst Quadcopter Advert Ever

What Did I Just See?

This quadcopter video advert seems to miss on so many levels.  But as a red-blooded man, I confess it’s incredibly hard to look away!

It appeals to the base instincts of men: speed, explosions, sex, and rock and roll.  From the guy groaning “Yes Yes Yes”, to the hot chick firing an automatic gun, to the atomic bomb… it’s got it all.

After watching this, I picked up my jaw off the floor and wondered what I had just seen here!?  Can this really be a legitimate quadcopter ad for the Walkera Runner 250!?  It sure is – check out Walkera’s YouTube channel!

One thing is for sure – my wallet is going in one of those under shirt pouches when flying FPV from now on!  Sheesh!

Treetop FPV Flying With Votrex Maiden

Strap On your Seatbelt For This!

Check out this FPV flight form Borris B, who brings us this great FPV action from the Netherlands.

Just my first real FPV fying after some tuning with Immersion Vortex prototype and a pretty rough tune, but not too bad to start with.
The quad has some really nice features like built in OSD, VTX and FC running cleanflight.

Here’s a new video he just released, testing out a smaller 180 style frame.

Inimini 180
Naze32 rev5 on Betaflight (something close to default)
Hqprop 4x45BN (custom cut from 5×45 rounded)
Tiger MN1806 2300kv
FVT LittleBee 20A ESC
FPV cam HS1177
Record Cam GP4 Black
Immersion 600mW vtx
1300mah Tattu 75C


check out Borris B’s YouTube channel, enjoy!

FPV Graveyard Flight Is The Death Of This Quadcopter

This Is What Happens When You Fly FPV Through A Graveyard

Check out this awesome FPV flight through a spooky church/graveyard.

It ends up being the last flight for this drone, but wait until you see how bad it’s wiped out.

Methinks a higher power is at work here (good music choice too)

More of Zap’s videos

Insane FPV Drone Ride Through An Abandoned Building [Video]

Check Out Charpu’s Legendary Pilot Skills

Charpu is one of best mini multi rotor pilot out there, and definitely one of our favorites.  He’s originally from Madrid, and currently lives in San Francisco, CA.

In this video he’s racing his quadcopter (QAV 250) through an abandoned building and you can see why he’s so highly regarded!

Curious on how he made this video?

On the next page, check out the “behind the scenes” video!

Brilliant FPV Drone Racing Practice In The English Countryside

Awesome Video Of This Unique Rotorcross Course

This is a really cool FPV practice race with the guys from BBRC meetup.  They met in Bideford, Devon, UK, and took advantage of a really nice day to set up this advanced level FPV quadcopter racing course.

It had a nice mix of terrain, from long runs, through trees, and some obstacles.

The FPV video feeds were really awesome in the beginning, and loved the still shots of the racers as they kicked up the grass buzzing through the arch obstacle.

Watch it below, share with a friend and enjoy!

5 FPV Drone Racing Tips You Can’t Live Without

Free And Simple Ways To Supercharge Your Racing Skills

These are 5 simple and no-cost ways to improve your FPV drone racing skills.  Remember in racing, you’re really competing against yourself so challenge yourself to get incrementally better each practice until you become a racing boss!

  1. Control Settings: For better response through turns, increase transmitter expo setting on aileron and elevator to 45, and lower stick scaling to 20 on your flight controller.
  2. Quit using controller flying aids like Addie mode & self-level.  Learn to fly in Rate mode only.
  3. Keep applying forward elevator pressure through turns.  Train yourself to do this, even though it seems counter-intuitive at first.
  4. Time your runs – use your transmitter to make it easy.  You can’t measure your progress without doing this, and you’ll probably give up!
  5. Look far ahead of where you’re racing.  Train your eye to focus where you want to go, and use peripheral vision to guide you through obstacles.

Check out the video and share with a fellow racer

Thanks to Captain Gregg for this video – check out more racing tips on his FPV Tree Racers you tube channel

Image source

Build Your Own FPV Racing Drone For Under $240 US

This Is Kitchen Table Engineering At It’s Finest

Hey, for the DIY-ers who are itching to build a drone and brag how much they didn’t spend after they won the race, this is for you.

Here’s a nice overview of a DIY build, for a FPV racing drone under 500 grams and without sacrificing performance.  Don’t forget the rear LED’s!

For more in-depth details, read more about the build here

Check out the cost breakdown below, and the video of the finished racer

Pictures of the complete build

I have placed several orders, they have been delivered in 9 days for the most fastest one and in 22 days for the longest one.

Parts Summary

Total : ~ US$ 220 (battery and radio receiver not included) isn’t it nice ???

For those who needs to buy battery, charger and radio I would recommend :

Other usefull accessories :

I would also strongly recommend that you get hold of a bluetooth unit as this one. You will then be able to use an application on your smartphone and connect yourself to the drone by means of the bluetooth to perform the configuration adjustements ( this being essential on the field).I use Multiwii EZ-GUI on my  Android smartphone.

Here is a basic schema to help you wire your quadcopter :




(The rear LED’s really make it pop!)