The Most Epic Quadcopter Tooth Pull Ever

Tooth Pulling Gone Hi-Tech

Take some high grade dental floss, a DJI Inspire Quadcopter, and you’ve got the coolest “hi-tech” tooth-puller imaginable.

That little tooth is no match for this UAV!

Watch this video

This took place at Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco, when Paul Borrud’s nephew Bruno needed some help with a loose tooth.

Thanks to Paul for this video and check out Paul’s other videos and non-profit work at

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For more dental action, watch a DJI phantom pull another tooth on the next page!

Incredible Drone Footage Of Danny Macaskill

Hot Shot Mountain Biker Defies Death On A Scotland Ridge

Danny Macaskill is a 29 year old Scottish trials cyclist from Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye.  He’s famous for riding all over the world, but here he’s returned home.

In this video, he climbs to the top of the rocky Cuillin Ridge, then rides it down to the sea shore, doing some amazing stunts along the way.

The quadcopter shots are remarkable – Enjoy!

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Insane FPV Drone Ride Through An Abandoned Building [Video]

Check Out Charpu’s Legendary Pilot Skills

Charpu is one of best mini multi rotor pilot out there, and definitely one of our favorites.  He’s originally from Madrid, and currently lives in San Francisco, CA.

In this video he’s racing his quadcopter (QAV 250) through an abandoned building and you can see why he’s so highly regarded!

Curious on how he made this video?

On the next page, check out the “behind the scenes” video!

Drones Caught These Flying Frenchy Lunatics

Terrifying Base Jump Launch From A Mid-Air Trapeze

A Parrot drone captured these guys doing some amazing stunts against one of nature’s most beautiful fjords.   Tancrede Melet, Anicet Leone & Arnaud Hiltzer are part of a group known as The Flying Frenchies who train for these kinds of incredibly insane stunts (don’t attempt this kids)!

This video is incredible, and the drone operator really got some amazing shots!




Watch it here

For more info on the Flying Frenchies, check out their facebook page.


Stamkos’s Hockey Puck vs. Target Drones [Video]

This Is Probably The Worst Fate For A Drone

As drone technology continues to advance at an incredibly fast pace, the cost of a drone is dramatically being reduced.  The 2 most obvious indicators for this are:

  1. Increased supply of drone materials flooding the market in response to demand.
  2. Hockey pucks.

Yes, hockey pucks.  Why else would Tampa Bay Lightning star Steven Stamkos be using drones as target practice?  Maybe a longer length of string would have saved these little drones from their fate.

Hope he at least bought the drone’s owner a dinner after practice.

Watch below and let us know what you think!