Drone Camera Reveals Alarming Greenland Ice Melt

Watch The Drone’s Rocky Landing

With very limited time and battery left, I repositioned the drone to do a second take. As I was getting ready to start, Larry Smith, the leader of the research team, shouted at me that we needed to leave immediately. We were getting precariously close to the closing time of the airport in Kangerlussuaq, which would levy a hefty overtime bill. I had to rush, and the drone crash-landed when I brought it in a little too fast.

As I scrambled to gather the broken plastic propellers, I forgot to see if the memory card had fallen out or if the video had safely finished recording. My adrenaline was pumping as I reached the helicopter. I was scared to check the footage when I got back to the hotel because if the clip had been corrupted by the crash, I would be devastated. That night, with the midnight sun outside my window, I couldn’t bring myself to look.

Thanks to Josh Haner for this incredible article and images;  read more about the expedition.

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