Frank Wang: The 34-Year Old Drone Billionaire

How He Took DJI From an Idea To Industry Leader

At 34 years old, Frank Wang is the founder and leader of DJI, and he’s the newest billionaire in China.  This article profiles his background and journey from starting his drone business out of a college dorm room, to the 3D Robotics Split of Colin Guinn, to today where DJI accounts for 70% of the drone consumer market.

At present, every other drone manufacturer is playing catch up to DJI, and investors are betting DJI will remain top dog for the next few years.

It’s fascinating thing that this beast of a company all started with Wang’s fascination of a comic book about a red helicopter when he was a kid.


Read below, and learn how a drone billionaire overlord was made!

Frank Wang Tao has never been arrested. He pays his taxes on time. And he rarely drinks. But on the eve of a January sit-down with FORBES–his first public interview this year with a Western publication–the Chinese national who happens to be the world’s first drone billionaire found himself on the wrong end of American authorities.

A U.S. government intelligence employee in Washington, D.C., some 8,000 miles away from Wang’s perch in Shenzhen, had had a little too much to drink and took a friend’s four-propeller drone out for a spin in the wee hours. Inexperienced, he lost the aircraft in the dark and, after a brief search, called off his drunken hunt. By dawn that 1-foot-by-1-foot whirlybird was a global news story and subject of a Secret Service investigation–after crash-landing on the White House lawn.


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