Meet Megacopter: King of the Heavy Lift Drones!

Megacopter Sets Guinness World Record for Heaviest Payload Lifted By A Remote-Controlled Multicopter

Hey Drone Buffs!

How much can a hobby drone lift?

You might be aware of the Hobbyking annual beer lift competition, where UAV pilots are tinkering and modifying their heavy lift drones to out-lift the competition.

Watch the HobbyKing winners

Well a group of students has taken the heavy lift drones concept literally to a “whole new level”.

megacopter heavy lift drone team wins world record for heaviest unmanned drone lift

Students from the University of Oslo in Norway have built “Megacopter,” and this big boy just earned the Guinness World record for lifting a whopping 61 Kg (134 lb, 7.6 oz)!

The payload does not include the weight of the craft itself.

Megacopter Facts:

  • Contains 8 hexa-copters (that’s 48 motors/rotors)!
  • Frame constructed of plywood and aluminum.
  • Megacopter took 18 months to build.
  • The rotors are variable speed via wireless remote-control
  • The records was set in Oslo Science Park, in Oslo, Norway

Watch the Megacopter Lift, and share what you think!

Yeah But…

Per Guinness rules for unmanned multirotors, the lowest pat of payload has to be lifted to a height over 1 meter (3ft-3 in) for at least 30 seconds to be counted as “lifted.”

Megacopter’s lift was actually 37 seconds.

In the Hobbyking realm, the rules are less stringent because the payload only has to be lifted for 10 seconds.

In concept, Megacopter was similarly constructed like Alexandru Duru’s hoverboard.  But since his hoverboard was manned, Guinness records has a separate title for that record.

The Possibilities

For those involved in search and rescue ops, being able to search a large area with small drones, and pick up a 100+ kg person by remote is an epic change from the way things are done now.  Megacopter shows the possibilities of making something like this happen for real.

Congrats to the students, and keep the technology moving forward!

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2 Replies to “Meet Megacopter: King of the Heavy Lift Drones!”

  1. Love the guy with the remote standing right there in the pit flying it 😉

  2. Congratulations on making it to the Guinness World record book for all the people that were involved in the project. The megacopter itself very good and what I find the most interesting about projects like this – they are pushing the boundaries further for drones, right now it is just made to set the Guinness record but in future I can see a lot of ways something similar could be used to transport things as well as people into areas that couldn’t be easily reach otherwise. Being able to do that would definitely help a lot of people and make their life easier.
    Thanks for showing this on your blog Dewey.

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