The 5 Greatest Halloween Drone Videos Ever

Climb Aboard The Freaky Train With These Halloween Drone Videos

With Halloween fast approaching it’s a favorite time of year for many of us.  To get you in the mood, we have carefully selected 5 of the greatest Halloween drone videos ever made!

Think you can top these guys in quadcopter costuming?  We’d love to see your photos or videos!  Post them to our dronebuffs facebook page, and we’ll feature the best in an upcoming article.

Happy Halloween!  And remember to fly safe!

Let’s begin with the most popular Halloween drone flight out there:  Tom Mabe’s Ghost drone.  He suspended a lightweight grim reaper costume from his drone and flew it around scaring people at various locations.  As if the general public wasn’t scared enough of drones…

1. Epic Halloween Prank – Tom Mabe


2. Scary Flying Ghost Prank – The Dudesons


The Drone Fright-Fest continues on the next page

(The music is timed perfectly on #3)


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