The Worst Quadcopter Advert Ever

What Did I Just See?

This quadcopter video advert seems to miss on so many levels.  But as a red-blooded man, I confess it’s incredibly hard to look away!

It appeals to the base instincts of men: speed, explosions, sex, and rock and roll.  From the guy groaning “Yes Yes Yes”, to the hot chick firing an automatic gun, to the atomic bomb… it’s got it all.

After watching this, I picked up my jaw off the floor and wondered what I had just seen here!?  Can this really be a legitimate quadcopter ad for the Walkera Runner 250!?  It sure is – check out Walkera’s YouTube channel!

One thing is for sure – my wallet is going in one of those under shirt pouches when flying FPV from now on!  Sheesh!

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