These Drones Will Plant 1 Billion Trees

UK Company Is Developing A Way To Counter Global Deforestation Using UAVs

BioCarbon Engineering is a UK company is developing an industrial method to planing trees using drones.  Their goal is to counter the massive deforestation taking currently taking place, through lumber harvesting, urban expansion, mining, and agriculture.

It is estimated 26 billion trees are lost each year to human activities, and drones could provide an automated way of re-planting mother earth.

BioCarbon Engineering estimates that using the drones, 150 two-person teams could plant at 10 times the rate of conventional planting but at just 15 per cent of the cost. “We are moving from the lab into the field in the coming months. But we need financing for large-scale field trials,” said Ms Graham.

The project will help make plantation processes more efficient in that less time and manpower will be needed. The drones will be able to access places that are too difficult or dangerous for humans to get to.

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