UK Defense Firm Pioneered An Anti-Drone Defense Shield

This Could Prevent Catastrophic Drone Threats

Here at Drone Buffs, we advocate the peaceful use of drones for hobby enjoyment and useful commercial purposes.  However, the threat of someone attaching weapons to a hobby drone with the intent to harm the public (like in the stadium simulation below) cannot be overlooked.


Silex-ES (a UK defense company) has been developing an counter drone defense shield for the past few years, and recently unveiled its system during a London exhibition.  This system is known as a Counter-Unmanned Air Vehicle (C-UAV) system, and it called “Falcon Shield.”


The Falcon Shield system enables an operator to identify, track, and defeat a UAV security threat by actually taking over control of a drone threat.  Once operators have control, they can land it safely, contain, and eliminate the drone threat.


UK defense company Selex ES unveiled its sophisticated anti-drone defense system during the recent Defense and Security Equipment International exhibition in London. Three years in the making, the Falcon Shield provides protection from both mini- and micro-sized unmanned aircraft systems. It was designed for a military customer looking to protect soldiers, convoys, and bases from the evolving threat of weaponized drones.

During its presentation, Selex ES did not divulge the details of its proprietary technology but did confirm that it takes advantage of the electromagnetic spectrum to create a shield around a protected area. The system uses a network of camera and radar surveillance sensors that can discretely detect and track a drone in a variety of environments, including “high-clutter urban canyons.”




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