Drone Red Tape: US Recreational Drone Owners Now Have To Register

Government Registration Will Be Mandatory For UAV Owners

More drone red tape, as US government officials announced Monday that recreational UAV owners will be required to register their UAV’s.  Drone operators are prohibited from flying within 5 miles of an airfield, and 400 ft altitude per FAA regulations.  But as of now, there is no way for law enforcement officials to track who a drone belongs to, especially if it has violated these rules.

A task force has been assembled to sort out the basic details of how the registry will work. The registry is supposed to be in place within 2 months, just ahead of the peak Christmas buying season.

Here are some main points of the announcement:

The FAA and the Transportation Department are setting up a task force composed of government officials and industry representatives to devise the registration system. Foxx said the group has until Nov. 20 to finalize its recommendations so the government can set up the registry before Christmas — the peak season for drone sales.

Such a timetable amounts to lightning speed for the FAA, which usually labors for years to shape new aviation regulations.

Foxx said the registration rules will also apply to people who have bought drones in recent years, not just new owners. He said the FAA will impose penalties — which he did not spell out — on anyone who does not comply.

Nobody knows exactly how many of the robotic aircraft are already flying around, but most estimates top 1 million.

The task force will have to wrestle with basic questions of size limits and what kinds of drones will have to be registered. Most consumer models weigh only a few pounds, but many can easily reach altitudes above 1,000 feet.

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