Use A Drone To Walk Your Dog

Give A Dog A Drone

New and innovative uses for drones are popping up everywhere, to improve our lives every day.

Brian Wheelhouse from Whitehall Dog Rescue in East Ardsley has come up with an clever  way to exercise the 35 dogs at a shelter he runs.  He uses a DJI Phantom 3 to tire out the dogs by letting them chase it on their private property.  The dogs get all the exercise they need!


But keeping so many long-term residents happy and healthy is no small feat. Many busy people have enough trouble finding the time and energy to walk and play with just 1 dog a day. By using a DJI Phantom 3 as a remote-controlled Frisbee, Brian Wheelhouse, the owner of Whitehall Dog Rescue, is able to provide even the most energetic residents with sufficient activity and mental stimulation.

Across the pond in New York,  Jeff Myers also uses his drone to monitor his dog’s location and check in on it from time to time. Just enter the quadcopter’s flight path into the computer, and sends the dog on its way.  Imagine one day there could be a bike path, and a dog walking path for dog walking drones.

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